Slush Trophies

Palkintoteokset voittajille

Suunnittelen ja toimitan palkinnot myös sinun yrityksellesi. Mittatilaustyönä ja toiveiden mukaan.

If you need a tailor made prize, I´m happy to help you. Let´s create something awesome!  

Customer: Startup Sauna

Slush will reward the three winning startups with unique glass sculptures designed by the Finnish designer Panu Turunen. The sculptures, made with a rare steam-blowing technique, were manufactured by hand in Riihimäki, Finland. The sculptures are not lacking weight, size or extravagance.

Panu Turunen has designed an art vase collection for one of the most famous art glass manufacturers, Murano based Carlo Moretti, in 2012. Turunen’s art has also been seen in the Finnish pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

The Slush sculptures represent modern Finnish design. They are powerful and graceful, and match the visual theme of Slush.

“What we’re selling is an experience. We’re curious to improve the experience constantly and one of the many angles this year was to create unique pieces of art for winning companies that are in line with our design principles”, comments Mika Matikainen, Head of Design at Slush.

The shape of the sculptures is based on same things as the identity – contrast, boldness and coldness. Also, the shape stands both for the innovations of the winning startups, as well as their rise and strength on the international markets.

“We wanted to make the sculptures represent braver creativity: the rising and growing movement. A movement of which you cannot be sure where it ends”, Panu Turunen reflects.